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Aree di informazione, documentazione, forum, form per iscrizione, link utili e contatti per email. Trova slot car 1 24 in vendita tra una vasta selezione di Modellismo statico su eBay. Subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. Fondamentalmente le slot cars sono delle macchinine composte da: Un blog che parla di me e del mio mondo, libri, cinema, tv, legno, montagna, risparmio e tutto quello che incontro nella vita comune.

Slot-car, ovverso l'auto. Slot bally in vendita bally, testata, anni, ricambio, slot, machine, vuota, legno bally slot slot machine bally bally slot machine slot slot car rally slots. Il sito ecommerce di modellismo numero uno in Italia. Oltre articoli a catalogo. Oggetti da collezione, strumenti per il fai da te e altro: Trovi anche slot car scalextric.

Trova slot car in vendita tra una vasta selezione di Altro giocattoli e modellismo su eBay. Slot Car; Accessori; Navi velieri in legno. Navi velieri in legno. Un saluto Opera opera. Slot Car. Scatole di montaggio; Attrezzatura; Accessori; Basamenti; Piani. Come costruire una pista Slot in legno Voto: Combinando la Ricerca per Categoria e per Produttore puoi più facilmente trovare le slot cars, Articolo: Pick Up per pista in legno: Tutte cose belle finiscono,la mia Ferrari pare che e stata accidentata una seconda volta e insieme coi problemi.

Le piste sono composte da sezioni standard, che potete visionare sul sito, ma possiamo realizzare piste su. Lo slot-car, è molto presente in Italia, con club e campionati, C'è anche chi si costruisce le piste con il legno facendo il solco con la fresa. Slot Cars, una forma dominante di modellini di automobili, sono un modo efficace per auto da corsa a casa sulle piste. Gioco con accesso anticipato Ottieni l'accesso anticipato ed inizia a giocare ora; prendi parte a questo gioco mentre viene sviluppato.

Perché l'accesso è anticipato? As such we care very much about its quality and gameplay. Our goal is for it to be as real as it can get and bug free. In this we feel we have achieved the basics, offering a solid and enjoyable Single player and Multiplayer alpha experience. Now it is time to release to a wider audience for more input to shape and realise the future development of VSC. When we feel that the game is complete and bug free we will release the full version.

The current goal is to reach this within months, but this simply a rough estimate. There are a number of other quite ambitious features we want to add, and those will be revealed if and when we are able to commit to them. The Early Access open alpha will have all the tracks, all cars, all parts, all modding tools and multiplayer working with a host matching feature included. All features are fully operational. All custom bodies and tracks interchange correctly in multiplayer, lag is minimal, physics is working well, in fact there are no showstopper bugs that we know of even at this point That is why we are on Early Access and that is why we have created our forums which awaits new players feedback.

We intend to announce major future features in advance to get as much direction as possible. We also love to see mods made, and we fully support them with our tools, the possibilities are endless. We intend to upgrade the forums with a downloads section, and we are currently looking at the options for the Steam Workshop. All suggestions made by our testers have been so far very insightful, and we have implemented them when and as we can. Aggiungi al carrello. May you prosper, grow, love life and those closest to you - and slot cars! Happy New Year all! You will be tweaking your car components, testing them on track, setting your throttle controls, and finally racing your chosen car to earn coin and gain experience which will be used to unlock and buy higher level components for your car, enabling it to handle better and go even faster, or track parts to construct any of the 26 tracks with up to 8 lanes or create your very own custom made tracks from scratch.

Before you do anything Please read the Throttle set up section in the manual. VSC offers a unique configurable 3 key solution to control your car throttle. Understanding how it works, practising in a practise session, per lane, per track, and configuring it using the interface causes your settings to be recorded. These settings will then be used during a race, and are paramount for obtaining the best slot car experience. Soon VSC will further offer complete custom key binding which will enhance this feature even more. Single Player At the start you will be provided with a basic car and set of track parts which will allow you to practise and compete in entry level races.

As you get familiar with car handling and maintenance you will soon be winning races and gaining experience and coin. Alternatively, you can spend your time and coin creating new elaborate custom tracks in the track editor. The options are endless. Multiplayer Race against friends in Multiplayer with your own personalised car. Host custom track circuits that you made, with your own set of racing rules and car configuration limits.

Create your own car body mods and import them into the game for your friends to see and race against. While VSC offers its own track-set parts, it also offers full modding support allowing you to create your very own blue-print to track-set solution, to create any specific track you can dream of. If you find you do not have the track or car body you want to race with, and you are not a modder, the option to obtain your perfect car or track will be made available through the community of modders.

Player levels: Beginner, Regular, Advanced, Pro, Ace. AI opponent car quality and speed increases each level, or can be set to match players car, either fully or partially. Configurable Throttle: Or MS compatible game-pad trigger. Augmented Camera: Automatically sets zoom to maintain player car size in frame. Self maintaining AI: AI opponents will repair their cars on the go, in their pit-stop.

Car maintenance: Wear and tear genuinely represented for all car parts and scaled for best gameplay. Centre of gravity can even be changed by adding weights. Track creation: Using in-game editor. Car body painting: Using in-game colour picker. Detailed Physics: Made using physics based on the Bullet library. Modding Car bodies: FBX files using proprietary Asset Builder. Modding track-sets:

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